Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Wool Room !

This is the wool/Lucas'/Guest room.  This was Lucas' childhood room , you can see the graduation photo collages.  It has evolved into the WOOL ROOM.  I enjoy collecting all colors of wool.   Lucas says everytime he comes home there is more!

The scraps!  My Aunt who is learning wool stitching loves to go through my scraps.

Some pennies waiting to be stitched


  1. Wow~

    I thought I had a lot of wool!! Yours is so much more organized than mine is. I think if I had a whole room devoted to wool, I would fill it up too! Lovely!!

    Enjoy your evening~Becky

  2. When Lucas says that every time he comes home there's more wool, what's his point exactly? LOL Isn't that what we live for? More wool! I love your wool space!

  3. I love your wool room! Very pretty! I also like how you have the grungy tags hanging on the dresser knobs to tell what's inside. Wonderful! Blessings, Shirlee

  4. Oh My! I would love to have a wool room like this someday! I'd even be willing to share it with my other crafts... a little velvet and embroidery... :)

    Blessings, Patti

  5. Oh, Paula!! Wooly, wooly, HEAVEN!!! I would lock myself in and never come out (ok, maybe once in a while to restock...) LOVE it!!! You lucky, lucky, thing you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. I am jealous ! Love your wool room ,wish I could organize my craft room to look so lovely.The pennies brought a big smile .Hugs and congrats on a lovely wool room.Hugs,Jen

  7. Wow that is a lot of wool, I thought I had a lot of fabric but wow. THat looks like my wood pile though lol

  8. Love your wool room! I want to cut pennies right now! Thanks for sharing. If I were a guest, I would be sneaking things into my suitcase!


  9. What a great room, I just love how you made all those tags for things!! Right now I am only using Post it notes... lol I am now following you.