Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Primitive Mice collection

As I put in my profile I love primitive mice.  I have been collecting them for several years. This a sampling of them!  My family and friends think I am a little obsessed!


  1. I LOVE prim mice too!!!...I can't get enough of them either...cute little buggers!

  2. I love each and every one of your little mice :) My favorite...Inmate #13...heehee!!


  3. Inmate # 13 is My husbands mouse. My husband is a jailer! He really enjoyed it when I got him a mouse and took it to work to show him off. It was made by Pam Bennett.

  4. I collect mice and only have a FEW prim ones. I love seeing your collection. Is it okay if I drool? Promise NOT to drool on the mice LOL.

  5. Hi Paula, I just became your newest follower. Just happened upon your blog. Love your collection of mice. Would be hard for me to pick my favorite. The little buggers are so popular right now. Looking forward to visiting often. Would love for you to stop by and follow me back. Once I get to 100 will be having a great giveaway. Have a great evening.

  6. Hi Paula & welcome to blogging. You will love it. I'm finally getting a chance to visit some of me new followers. Good luck on my giveaway. I'll be finally picking the winners today.